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I'm Sajith Perera

I was raised a single child, surrounded by a lot of love. My parents have always been keen on practicing kindness, and through their own exemplary actions, they have taught me to treat people (and animals) with compassion and respect. I was also taught to hold dear the ways of the ancestors of my motherland Sri Lanka, who were known to be generous, respectful and respecting, courageous, and most importantly people of honor and integrity Read More

As a result of these virtues that I’ve been encouraged to develop, I am today walking in the foot-steps of my parents hoping to make little differences in humanity, for my sake and for our sake.

In this journey, I have also been taught the importance of education, hard work and compromise. While I was educated in Business and Administration, I also trained in Human Resource Management & Psychology. I feel that people, especially if they are in a position to lead other people, should possess some sensitivity to the needs & vulnerabilities of human nature; and only then would they be leaders worth following.

What do I do, and what's in it for you?

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Educational Status

Either you run the day or the day runs you


  • Director DOGS.LK (PVT) LIMITED
  • Managing Director BOOK DOT LK (PVT) LIMITED

Professional Accolades

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA-UK) (Reading) – Leeds Trinity University UK
  • Graduate Diploma in Management (GDM) (Pre-Masters) – Edexcel UK
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA-UK) – Heriot Watt University UK
  • International Higher Diploma in Law (IHDL-UK) – EdHat International UK
  • Advance National Diploma in Human Resource Management (ANDHRM) – National Institute of Business Management


  • Schooled at: S.Thomas’ College Mt.Lavinia, Asian International School and American National College

It's Me

Work hard for things that are worth it

What I have done to society

Make giving a part which you will never regret


Involved in various CSR projects, being an organizer to the biggest eye and blood donation campaigns in Sri Lanka. Also, involved in free food and drinks giveaway for the gathering every year annually during this meritorious activity.

During the period of war, where there was a civil crisis and loss of blood, and the whole human population in Sri Lanka was suffering, engagingly contributed through blood and eye donations when the demand was high, and supply was low.

The number of donors per day for donating blood and eyes are limited during the civil war crisis, but made a significant contribution with 3000 donors per day for the blood donation and 2000 donors per day for the eye donation during the civil war crisis period. The project recorded the highest number of eye and blood donors within a single day.


And also, as a contributor have donated a land, which is less than 1 acre at Ratnapura, to build a temple wherein that particular area people were not having a temple and have no access to a place for conducting religious activities. That is because I believe that every person under democratic policies should be treated equally and not only must be treated equally but must also have access to the needs and wants at all levels.

Always, involved in different social causes and various forms of social benefits. Where have contributed to constructing public resources for the benefit of people based on contribution capacity, and towards to the well being of the society.

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I, as an Entrepreneur would love to get to know people of various backgrounds and markets to build synergetic connections, and exchange ideas and views in order to learn and grow. Meantime, would love to develop opportunities to collaborate and work with anyone.

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